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List of articles published in 2003

  1. Silva M.R., Beja A.M., Paixão J.A., Martin-Gil J., Crystal structure of diaqua-monodimethylglycine-hexakis(mu(2)-dimethylglycine-O : O)-mu(3)-oxo-triiron(III) heptanitrate-water-dimethylgycine solvate (1 : 4 : 0.63), Fe3O(C4H9NO2)(7)(H2O)(2)(NO3)(7)center dot 4H(2)O center dot 0.63C(4)H(9)NO(2), Z. Kristallogr.-NCS (Munchen, Germany), 218 (4), 557-560, 2003.
  2. Silva M..R, Beja A.M., Paixão J.A., et al., Improved powder diffraction data for two cholesterol derivatives, Powder Diffr. 18 (4 (A.I.P., U.S.A.), 306-308, 2003.
  3. Silva M.R., Paixão J.A., Beja A.M., L-Argininium bis(trifluoroacetate, Acta Crystallogr. E59 (Oxford, U.K.), O1912-O1914 (12), 2003.
  4. Melo T.M.V.D.P.E., Santos C.I.A., Gonsalves A.M.D.R., Paixão J.A., Beja A.M., Synthesis of novel tricyclic isoindole derivatives
    Tetrahedron Let. 44 (45)(U.S.A.), 8285-8287, 2003.
  5. Silva M.R., Beja A.M., Paixão J.A., Sobral A.J.F.M., Cabral, L.M.L., Gonsalves A.M.D.R., R-4(4)(30) rectangular rings in 2,5-dioxopiperazine-1,4-diacetic acid, Acta Crystallogr. C59 (Oxford,U.K.), O562-O563(10), 2003.
  6. Di Matteo S., Chatterji T., Joly Y., Stunault A., Paixão J.A., Suryanarayanan R., Dhalenne G., Rvcolevschi A., Resonant x-ray scattering from LaSr2Mn2O7 at the MnK edge, Phys. Rev. B 68 (2)(Am.Phys.Soc.,U.S.A.), 024414-1 to 024414-5, 2003.
  7. Melo T.M.V.D.P.E., Cardoso A.L., Gonsalves A.M.D.R., Storr R.C., Pessoa J.C., Paixão J.A., Beja A.M., Silva M.R., Contribution to the synthesis of chiral allenic esters, Tetrahedron Let. 44 (34)(U.S.A.), 6409-6412, 2003.
  8. Caciuffo R., Paixão J.A., Detlefs C., Longfield M.J., Santini P., Bernhoeft N., Rebizant J., Lander G.H., Multipolar ordering in NpO2 below 25 K, J. Phys. Condens. Matter 15 (28)(I.O.P. Publishing, Ltd., U.K.), S2287-S2296, 2003.
  9. Silva M.R., Beja A.M., Paixão J.A., Pseudosymmetry in tetradecyltrimethylammonium bromide, Acta Crystallogr. E 59 (Oxford,U.K.), O1151-O1152,(8), 2003.
  10. Cacela C., Baudot A., Duarte M.L., et al., Low temperature polymorphism in 3-amino-1-propanol, J. Mol. Struct. 649 (1-2)(The Netherlands), 143-153, 2003. 
  11. Gonsalves A.M.D.R., Serra M.E.S, Murtinho D., Silva V.F., Beja A.M., Paixão J.A., Silva M.R., Alte da Veiga L., Pyrrolidine-based amino alcohols: novel ligands for the enantioselective alkylation of benzaldehyde, J. Mol. Catal. A-Chem. 195 (1-2)(The Netherlands), 1-9, 2003.
  12. Andrade L.C.R., Paixão, J.A., de Almeida M.J.M., Martins R.M.L.M., Soares H.I.M., Moreno, M.J.S.M., Sá e Melo M.L., Campos Neves A.S.,  16 alpha,17 alpha-Epoxy-20-oxopregn-5-ene-3 beta,21-diyl diacetate, Acta Crystallogr. E 59 (Oxford,U.K.), O299-O301, (3), 2003.
  13. Silva M.R., Paixão J.A., Beja A.M., Sobral A.J.F.N., Lopes S.H., Rebanda N.G.C.L., Gonsalves, A.M.D.R., Dimethyl iminiodiacetate chloride, Acta Crystallogr. E 59 (Oxford,U.K.), O7-O8, 2003. 
  14. Andrade L.C.R., Paixão J.A., de Almeida M.J.M., Roleira F.M.F., Sá e Melo, M.L., Campos Neves A.S., Tavares da Silva E.J., 3 alpha,4 beta-dihydroxy-5 beta-androstan-17-one, Acta Crystallogr. E 59 (Oxford,U.K.), O21-O23, 2003.
  15. Paixão J.A., Silva M.R., Beja A.M., Sobral A.J.F.N., Lopes S.H., Gonsalves, A.M.D.R., Ethyl 4-acetyl-3,5-dimethyl-1H-pyrrole-2-carboxylate, Acta Crystallogr. E 59 (Oxford,U.K.), O94-O96, 2003.
  16. E. de Matos Gomes, M. Belsley, M. Margarida R. Costa, Second harmonic generation in para-nitroaniline through re-crystallisation in a strong continuous electric field, Crystal Growth & Design 3 (4)(Am.Chem.Soc., U.S.A.), 445-447, 2003.
  17. Sobral J.F.A.N., Nuno G.C.L. Rebanda, Melo da Silva, Sandra H. Lampreia, M. Ramos Silva, A. Matos Beja, J.A. Paixão, Rocha Gonsalves, A.M.D.R., One-Step Synthesis of Dipyrromethanes in Water, Tetrahedron Letters 44 (The Netherlands), 3971-3973, 2003.
  18. L. Brito, M. Fiolhais, J.A. Paixão, Cylinder in an inclined as a fold catastrophe system, Eur. J. Phys. 24 (I.O.P. Publishing, Ltd., U.K.), 115-123, 2003.
  19. Gil F., de Almeida M.J.M., Formação de professores do 1º ciclo do ensino básico, Gazeta de Física 26 (Portugal), 20-25, 2003.
  20. J. Pina, A. Dias, J.L. Lebrun, Study by X-Ray Diffraction of the Residual Stress Generation During Thermal Spraying, Materials Science and Engineering A 347(1-2) (The Netherlands), 21-31, 2003.
  21. C. Veiga, A. Loureiro, A. Dias, Residual stress evolution in repair welds, Strain 39 (U.K.), 57-63, 2003.
  22. R.C. Vilão, J.M. Gil, H.V. Alberto, J. Piroto Duarte, N. Ayres de Campos, A. Weidinger, M.V. Yakushev, S.F.J. Cox, " Muon diffusion and trapping in chalcopyrite semiconductors", Physica B: Condensed Matter 326 (2003) 181-184

  23. A. Weidinger, J.M.Gil, H. V. Alberto, R.C. Vilão, J. Piroto Duarte, N. Ayres de Campos, S. F. J. Cox, "Shallow donor versus deep acceptor state in II-VI semiconductor compounds", Physica B: Condensed Matter 326 (2003) 124-127

  24. A. Weidinger, H. V. Alberto, J. M. Gil, R. C. Vil ão, J. Piroto Duarte, N. Ayres de Campos, "Muon and Hydrogen states in II-VI

    semiconductor compounds. A µSR study", Phys. Stat. Sol. (c) 0 (2003) 711-714

  25. R. C. Vilão, H. V. Alberto, J. M. Gil, J. P. Piroto Duarte, N. Ayres de Campos, A. Weidinger, M. V. Yakushev, "Hydrogen states in CuInSe2 a mSR study", Physica B: Condensed Matter 340-342 (2003) 965-968

  26. J. Piroto Duarte, R.C. Vilão, J.M. Gil, H.V. Alberto, N. Ayres de Campos, A. Weidinger, "Muoniated radicals in the organic semiconductor zinc-phthalocyanine", Physica B: Condensed Matter 326 (2003) 94-96

  27. B.F.O. Costa, G. Le Caer and B. Luyssaert, Moessbauer studies of phase separation in nanocrystalline Fe0.55-xCr0.45Snx alloys prepared by mechanical alloying, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 350, p36-46, 2003

  28. F.M. Lucas, B. Trindade, B.F.O. Costa and G. Le Caer, The influence of pre-milling on the microstructural evolution during mechanical alloying of a Fe50Cu50 alloy, Journal of Metastable and Nanocrystalline materials, 18, p 49-56, 2003

  29. Shallow donor states of hydrogen in II-VI oxide and chalcogenide semiconductors,
    modelled by muon spectroscopy, Cox SFJ, Cottrell SP, King PJC, Lord JS, Alberto HV, de Campos NA, Gil JM, Duarte JP, Vilao RC, Davis EA, Ellis D, Lamb D, Lichti RL, Celebi G, Weidinger A, INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS CONFERENCE SERIES, vol 171, Pages: 69-75 (2003).

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