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Physics Olympiads

Three members of CEMDRX (J.A. Paixão, R. Vilão and V.H. Rodrigues) have been actively engaged in the national and international physics olympidas, a competition for high-school students.

J.A. Paixão has been team leader (1998-2007, jointly with either M. Fiolhais and F. Nogueira from CFC) of the portuguese delegation to the international competitions (IPhO - International Physics Olympiad and OIbF - Olimpiada Iberoamericana de Física). Selection and training of the students has been performed in Coimbra, in collaboration with the SPF (Portuguese Physical Society).

In 2006 Portugal organized the XI Olimpíada Ibero-americana de Física (project leadered by J.A. Paixão and financed by a grant from Ciência Viva- Agência Nacional para a Cultura Científica e Tecnológica).

Our teams won so far 1 silver medal, 3 bronze medals and 4 honorary mentions at the IPhO and 3 gold medals, 5  silver medals, 7 bronze medals and 12 honorary mentions at the IPhO.


Portuguese team at OIbF2007: two silver medals (Raul Pereira e Pedro Ponte)

and two bronze medals (João Guerreiro e Pedro Carrilho

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