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Pictures of Equipment

Pictures of available equipment at CEMDRX

Image Mach-3 Diffractometer
Enraf-Nonius turbo Mach3 diffractometer, 3kW generator, Mo tube, NaI detector
Image Oxford cryostream 700
Oxford cryostream 700, LN2 flow, range of temperatures 80-400 K
Image Keythley 6517A electrometer
Image SR 830 Lock-in Amplifier
Image ITC 503 Temperature controller
Oxford Instruments
Image Bruker-Nonius Kappa Apex II CCD
4K CCD, Mo radiation, 3kW generator
Image Pyris Diamond DSC
Image Enraf-Nonius CAD-4 difractometer
4-circle, kappa geometry, single-point NaI detector, graphite monochromator, Mo radiation. 3 kW generator.
Image Weissenberg camera
Image Laue and oscillation camera
Image Mössbauer spectroscopy system
Two Mössbauer spectrometers. Wissel equipment. Experiments with cryostat from 30K to RT can be performed.
Image Physical vapour deposition system
Image PMs for PAC measurements
Set of crystal detectors and photomultipliers for PAC measurements
Image Nuclear electronics set for PAC
Image Sytem for hydrogen charging
Image Ultra-high-vacuum chamber
Image Two furnaces
From Rt to 1000ºC with vacuum pumps associated (10-6 mbar).
Image Ball-milling system
Fritsch P0 vibratory mill. Ball milling can be done in argon atmosphere or in vacuum.
Image Photoluminescence setup
Image Micro-Raman system
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