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List of available equipment

Access to CEMDRX equipment

The equipment of CEMDRX is available to the scientific community, usually on the basis of scientific collaborations with the members of this center, but also on the scope of industrial R&D. Only in the former case the access is free  (share of expenses involving cryogenic fluids or gases, chemicals and other consumables may be required. In the case of industrial R&D the cost of access to the equipment wiil be discussed and has to be agreed before the experiment takes place and the signature of a protocol/contract with UC may be required. 

To ask for access to the CEMDRX equipment, please send a message to

In the case you intend to use X-ray equipment, please specify the following items:

  • Sample composition (elementary formula)
  • Type of sample: (single crystal or polycrystal/powder)
  • Dimensions of sample(s): linear dimensions (mm) of single crystals; volume (mm^3) of polycrystalline samples
  • Issues concerning sample stability: hygroscopy, thermal or photo decomposition; storage conditions required
  • Sample availability: specify date when sample will be available
  • Dangerous samples: specify possible danger in storage or handling
  • Sample environment required for data collection: specify sample temperature in the range 30-300K for single crystals or 80-300K for polycrystaline samples
  • Wavelength required (typically Mo or Cu Ka is used, the former for single crystals and the latter for polycrystalline samples)
  • Indicate need for determination of absolute configuration in the case of chiral molecules or specify it, if already known
  • Proposed schedule for the experiment
  • Contact person: (include email and mobile phone)

Download here a data-collection request form.

The equipement below flagged by "POCI 2010" was co-financed by  FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia under the "Programa Nacional de Reequipamento Científico", POCI 2010 - FEDER.

Single-crystal X-ray diffractometers

Powder diffractometers

  • INEL120 powder diffractometer (transmission geometry, capillaries)
  • Phillips powder diffractometer (Bragg-Brentano geometry)

Stress and texture diffractometers

Photographic cameras

Low-temperature equipment

High-temperature equipment

Differential Scanning Calorimetry

Transport Properties

Mössbauer spectroscopy

Ball-milling system

Ball milling can be done in argon atmosphere or in vacuum.


Micro-Raman Spectroscopy

Perturbed Angular Correlations

Hydrogen charging

Ultra-high vacuum

Physical Vapour Deposition


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