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Web page of José Carlos Prata Pina

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José Carlos Prata Pina 

Auxilliary Professor, Phys. Dept. FCTUC

Ph.D in Applied Physics


Physics Department
Rua Larga,
Universidade de Coimbra

P-3004-516 Coimbra

Office: F.25

239 410 158

Selected publications:

  1. X-ray diffraction characterization of ion-implanted austenitic stainless steel, M.J. Marques, J. Pina, A.M. Dias et al., Surface and Coating Techn. 195,  8-16 (2005)
  2. Residual stress analysis near a cold expanded hole in a textured Alclad sheet using x-ray diffraction, J. Pina, A.M. Dias, M. Kornmeier et al., Experimental Mechanics 45, 83-88 (2004)
  3. Study by x-ray diffraction and mechanical analysis of the residual stress generation during thermal spraying, J. Pina, A.M. Dias, J.L. Lebrun,  Mater. Science and Engineering. A, 347, 21-31 (2003)

Curriculum Vitae:

  • Short CV
  • Full CV

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