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Vítor Hugo Nunes Rodrigues

Teaching Assistant, Phys. Dept. FCTUC

PhD student
Master's in Physics


Physics Department
Rua Larga,
Universidade de Coimbra
P-3004-516 Coimbra

Office: F.7
239 410 645
96 6331209

Selected publications:

  1. Supramolecular structure and second harmonic generation in strontium bis(hydrogen L-malate) hexahydrate, E.D. Gomes , V.H. Rodrigues, M.M.R.R. Costa , et al, Acta C62, M416-M418 (2006)
  2. Unusual supramolecular assembly and nonlinear optical properties of L-histidinium hydrogen malate, E.D. Gomes , V.H. Rodrigues , M.M.R. Costa, et al., J. Sol. State Chem., 179 (8), 2521-2528 (2006)
  3. Mass redistribution in variable mass systems, C.A. de Sousa , V.H. Rodrigues, European J. Phys 25 (1), 41-49 (2004)
  4. L-Phenylalanine-4-nitrophenol (1/1), VH Rodrigues , M.M.R.R. Costa , E.D. Gomes , et al., Acta C62, O699-O701 ( 2006)
  5. Glycinium trichloroacetate, V.H. Rodrigues, A.M. Beja , J.A. Paixão , et al. Acta C62, O71-O72 (2006)

Curriculum Vitae:

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