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Web page of Manuela Ramos Marques da Silva

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Manuela Ramos Marques da Silva

Auxilliary Professor, Phys. Dept. FCTUC
Ph.D in Solid State Physics


Physics Department
Rua Larga,
Universidade de Coimbra
P-3004-516 Coimbra

Office: F.12
239 410 648

Selected publications:

  1. "Magnetic structures of MFe4+dAl8-d (M=Lu,Y)", J. A. Paixão, M. Ramos Silva, J. C. Waerenborgh et al., Phys. Rev. B 63, 054410 (2001).
  2. "Neutron scattering study of the magnetic structure of DyFe4Al8 and HoFe4Al8", J. A. Paixão, M. Ramos Silva, S. Aa. Sørensen et al.,  Phys. Rev. B 61, 6176 (2000).
  3. Structural and magnetic properties of [Mn-3(C2H3O2)(6)(H2O)4](C2H5NO2)(H2O)”,Silva, MR; Beja, AM; Paixao, JA; da Veiga, LA; Silva, PSP, Zeit. fur Phys. Chem., 2006, 220, 885-892.
  4. -“Synthesis, crystal structure and magnetic properties of an alternating manganese chain”,Silva, MR; Beja, AM; Paixao, JA; Martin-Gil, J, J. of Sol. State Chem., 2006, 179, 2054-2058.

  5. Density functional and X-ray diffraction studies of bis(isocinchomeronic acid) trihydrated”,Silva, MR; Silva, PSP; Beja, AM; Paixao, JA; Justino, LLG; Sobral, AJFN, J. of Mol. Struct., 2007, 837, 58-62.

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