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Web page of José Carlos Martins Outeiro

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José Carlos Outeiro


Ph.D., M.Sc., Dipl.Eng.

CIRP Associate Member

Assistant Professor




Contact 1:

Faculty of Engineering - Catholic University of Portugal

Estrada Octavio Pato  |  P-2635-631 Rio de Mouro  |  Sintra, Portugal

Phone: +351 21 426 98 19 (office)  |  Fax: +351 21 426 98 00

E-mail:  | Webpage:

Contact 2:

CEMDRX - Departamento de Física - Universidade de Coimbra

Rua Larga | P-3004-516 Coimbra, Portugal  

Tel  +351 239 410 653 (office)  |  Fax +351 239 829 158

E-mail:  |  Webpage:




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  4. J.C. Outeiro, R. Kandibanda, J.C. Pina, O.W. Dillon Jr., I.S. Jawahir, Size-Effects and Surface Integrity in Machining and their Influence on Product Sustainability, International Journal of Sustainable Manufacturing, Vol. 2, No.1  pp. 112 - 126, 2010.
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  9.  J.C. Outeiro, A.M. Dias, J.L. Lebrun, Experimental assessment of temperature distribution in three-dimensional cutting process, Machining Science and Technology 8/3, 357-376 (2004).
  10. R. M’Saoubi, J.C. Outeiro, B. Changeux, J.L. Lebrun, A.M. Dias, Residual Stress Analysis in Orthogonal Machining of Standard and Resulfurized 316L Steels, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 96, 225-233 (1999).




Short CV

J.C. Outeiro is Assistant Professor at Faculty of Engineering of the Portuguese Catholic University (FEUCP), teaching courses on CAD/CAM/CAE, manufacturing processes, simulation and biomechanics. Dr. Outeiro develops his research activities at FEUCP and at the CEMDRX centre of the University of Coimbra and has been involved in several projects in cooperation with Academic and Industrial partners in Europe and USA. His current research topics includes sustainable manufacturing and optimisation of machining operations, with special emphasis on part quality. Dr. Outeiro is Associate Member of the International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP - He has delivered lectures and seminar presentations in Europe and USA. Dr. Outeiro has been Member of the Scientific Committees of International Conferences, Reviewer and Member of Editorial Board of International Scientific Journals.


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