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Welcome to Centro de Estudos de Materiais por Difracção de Raios-X (CEMDRX)

CEMDRX hosts 21 researchers from the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra sharing the use of x-ray diffraction as the main technique to study a wide range of materials, from semiconductors and organic supramolecular compounds to nanostructured intermetallic alloys. X-ray diffraction is complemented with other techniques such as neutron-scattering, muon spin rotation, Mossbauer and other spectroscopic techniques. Researchers are frequent users of large scale facilities such as ESRF, ILL, PSI and ISIS-RAL. CEMDRX is a research centre supported by FCT.

Research Groups

CEMDRX gathers three research groups devoted to Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science:


Coordinator of CEMDRX: José António de Carvalho Paixão

Scientific Advisory Committee ( Comissão Externa Permanente de Aconselhamento Científico):


  • Prof. Malcolm Cooper (Warwick University, UK)
  • Dr. Philip King (Principal Investigator, ISIS, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK)
  • Prof. Maria Teresa Duarte (Instituto Superior Técnico, Technical University, Lisbon)
  • Prof. Jean-Lou Lebrun (Directeur de la Recherche, Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics, du Bâtiment et de l'Industrie)



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