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O que é um problema de Fermi?

MensagemEnviado: Segunda Jun 18, 2007 10:34 pm
por jap
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Fermi Problem

In physics, particularly in physics education, a Fermi problem, Fermi question, or Fermi estimate is an estimation problem designed to teach dimensional analysis, approximation, and the importance of clearly identifying one's assumptions. Named for 20th century physicist Enrico Fermi, such problems typically involve making justified guesses about quantities that seem impossible to compute given limited available information.

Fermi was known for his ability to make good approximate calculations with little or no actual data, hence the name. One well-documented example is his estimate of the strength of the atomic bomb detonated at the Trinity test, based on the distance traveled by pieces of paper dropped from his hand during the blast.

Consta que Fermi - um dos mais creativos físicos do séc. XX - costumava seleccionar os seus estudantes de doutoramente pela habilidade que eles demonstravam a resolver este género de questões... :D